Melancholy Bridge

by Tigerleech

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I am the wind, I blow, I sing between the valleys of dreams Chorus : upon the mountains, across the seas sovereign of earth, something you couldn’t see messenger of bad news, full of ghosts and souls when I’m angry, I spit what I’ve swallowed bringing rain, drought, heatwaves freezing in north, burning in south Chorus leaving wrinkles on woman faces, supplier of human diseases I whistle to get the men mad, then I leave, I leave them sad.
well I will take some more time to tell you what’s on my mind get your two ears wide open, I don’t give a shit about your concern don’t wanna hear your opinion, your speak is shit, you talk too loud don’t even stand in front of me, I will loose my courtesy chorus : I’m gonna crush your face, cos’ you take too much place erase you from the earth, stop time before your birth disrespect is what you represent, you live for yourself with your own brand look around, you’re not alone, you don’t use the perfect tone chorus this is what you are, this is what I’m not shut the fuck up and go back to your flock say no more words, hold on your mouth do you know respect and humility ? do you know this word called empathy? altruism is not your philosophy you think you are smart, you think you’re clever your knowledge is small and will be forever. you’ll regret it some day, get the fuck away!
a rainy day, wet and grey stay or move, time to choose I feel so down, crawling on the ground try to escape from madness gathering my strength, gathering my mind I come from depths, deaf and blind I am cold with sweating hands legs shivering, difficulties to stand Chorus : today, I’ll cross the melancholy bridge a long trip from dark to light on cold steel not shure to be able to reach the end I’ll do it alone, don’t want any help step by step, escaping traps a rebirth, beware of gaps hearing the call of the black river telling to jump and joining her
factories smoke in the air tons of plastic in the seas barren grounds melting ice floe we killed millions of animals we did it well with our verve, face disaster when it’s too late chorus : we as smart as we are eating strawberries in winter filling up our lives with useless things take a plane at any time driving three cars, lightning the night mother earth says : save me or die with me
let me talk and say things about me, I’m getting old and soon my place will be free vanishing a little bit more each time bad news appear loosing parts of the puzzle of my life, hope becoming fear Chorus: pieces off me, made from others, my philosophy pieces off me, things leaving me, memories for free family, rock music idols and movie stars gave me a sense of humour, inspiration and strength helping me to growing up as I remember so far brick by brick, with passion, I built myself at length Chorus mum and Dad educated me to be a good boy, a good boy my two older brothers showed me how to escape from rules, bloody rules too much friends on the other side, I’ll join them afraid of this ride becoming a ghost and disappear, I come to you, say welcome my dear I need to hold you in my arms, sharing love, sharing fear, sharing words and laugh again as we once did and talk again like good old friends
best education with perfect rules always the first at the highests schools ain’t no bastards, ain’t no suckers ain’t no fuckin’ place for fuckin’ loosers chorus: born selfish, born conceited, treacherous arrogance fits you anyway born selfish, born conceited, treacherous you show your scorn every day continual ascent to the highest step mum and dad worry about the rest what do you want in your stupid life? a nice car, a big house and a brainless wife chorus money is your god, you want it bright money is your sun, you want it shine business your pleasure, business your pride drive by greed and avarice
on my way to heaven, disapearing piece by piece I’ve heard you scream at night, crying in your sleep you called me so loud, repeating my name again you called me so loud, I feel so much pain chorus: coming back to you, a task I have to do support you in distress and clean up all this mess. lying next to you, you won’t realize it’s true may be stay one more day, later go back to my way living with memories, living with a ghost I worry about your health, it seems it’s getting worse do you feel my breath ? my presence still around ? a guardian angel from the underground chorus lying next to me, one hour, a day a week please stay one more day, later go back to your way
dressed in black, no make up. always by my side, you won’t give a break clutching my hand, leading my life, chasing me for days and nights Chorus : you’re a princess, you’re a queen you’re a vampire, you’re a witch remember me bad memories. talking about my dreadful dreams. sniggers and laughs, feeding my fear. teasing my unease, you know my disease. Chorus I swear I’ll hang myself to hang you. I swear I’ll burn myself to burn you I swear I’ll drown myself to drown you. I swear I’ll kill myself to kill you
atkelo 02:14
it’s never happened since the beginning of the world, there’s some equality vice in our minds pushes us to get richer, what a stupidity! war, starvation and corruption, they add some poverty how many have to pay the price of human cupidity ? Chorus : do you believe their lies ? don’t wanna hear what they have to say, it makes no difference anyway no matter what it is ! let’s have a thing understood, propositions are far from good I’m against it, I will break it, I’m against it, I will fight it. authority, supremacy need, always chasing the total power new faces of tyranny, under the hoods of democracy maintain famine and civil wars, constant oppression on this earth hidden and sly colonization from a country to the rest
don’t hide yourself, be proud of what you are life’s a struggle, life is a fight, even a war try to be strong in the face of adversity purging the self of difficulties chorus: advices were false, warnings not big enough your own choices, your own thoughts and push the anger out step out the line, say no to orders accomplish yourself, don’t mind the talk of others sensitive, easily swayed, joining the bad guys raise the chin, open your eyes to better signs chorus the spiritual catharsis happens at deeper levels purging the self of difficulties toxins and traumas accumulated in the course of life


After their first album "The Edge of The End" to rave reviews, TIGERLEECH returns with their second album "Melancholy Bridge".
Mixing various influences, stoner, sludge, hard-core, the band refines and asserts its own style.
Between soaring melodies and percussive riffs, TIGERLEECH knows how to handle rhythms and atmospheres to better soak up you.
A heavier, deeper, thicker sound, dark lyrics around depression, the state of the earth, the poverty of leaders and the egocentricity of the human, TIGERLEECH acquires maturity and substance ...


released October 8, 2021


all rights reserved



Tigerleech Paris, France

Created in January 2013, TIGERLEECH is the meeting of 4 experimented musicians coming from different bands. Gathered around the stoner style, the band produces a brutal, powerfull and dynamic music, a fat greasy sound inspired by Metal, Hard-Core and Seventies Heavy Rock, a kind of « Urban Stoner » !

Their first album is out on May 2019.
They're now working on their second album.
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